Keynote 2018 Ningbo Forum in China

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November 20th, Paolo Picchi gave a keynote presentation at the 2018 Ningbo Forum ‘Landscapes for Community Revival’. The Forum was hosted by the Chinese Society for Sustainable Development and organized by the China National Engineering Research Center for Human Settlements. Paolo’s presentation entitled “Community based renewable energy transition: A case study from the Netherlands” did draw from the application of the Five-Step Approach in the DEESD project of the NRGlab. The keynote referred to a book chapter co-authored by Sven Stremke and published in 2017.

Reference book chapter: Stremke, S. and P. Picchi (2017), Co-designing energy landscapes: Application of participatory mapping and geographic information systems in the exploration of low carbon futures; Handbook on the Geographies of Energy, Barry Solomon and Kirby Calvert (Eds.), Edward Elgar Publishers, pp. 368-379.

2017 Ningo xs
Photograph: Impression from the 2017 Ningo Forum in China