Book publication: National Perspective Energy & Space

Posted by on October 11, 2017 in Homepage, Publications, Research

The results of the ‘National Perspective Energy and Space’ project have been published. The book entitled Energie & Ruimte – een nationaal perspectief can be downloaded for free in high- and low-resolution (in Dutch only). Vereniging Deltametropool. ISBN:978-90-76630-21-2

About the project: Four design companies, Deltametropool and the NRGlab/Wageningen University collaborated in a project that aims to inform the Dutch discourse on sustainable energy transition, from a spatial perspective. The project addressed the energy use of the entire Netherlands: heat (and cold), electricity and transport fuels. The consortium examined realistic potentials to reduce energy consumption and possible strategies to utilize wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy as well as heat-cold storage. On the basis of this design research, a number of critical measures and spatial possibilities with regards to the Dutch energy landscape have be synthesized, in line with the COP21/Paris agreement, quantitative as well as qualitative considerations.

Commissioner: Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
Research team: NRGlab, HNS, POSAD, FABRIC, Studio Marco Vermeulen and Vereniging Deltametropool