Presentation design atelier urban energy transition in Zwolle

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June 22, Sven Stremke presented at the design atelier urban energy transition in Zwolle. He was invited to speak about recent work on high-density energy landscapes with examples from the PALET project and serve as guest critic to the six design teams that explored innovative design ideas. This Atelier was the second in a sequence of three events that address energy transition across three scales: the building, the city and the landscape. The Ateliers are jointly organized by Zwols Architectuur Podium, Architectuurcentrum Rondeel (Deventer) en Architectuur Centrum Twente. The June Atelier was supported by Stadkamer Zwolle and the municipality of Zwolle.

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Zwolle Atelier June 2017xs
Figure: Impression from the final presentation of the design atelier (Source: Herman Reezigt)