Visit geothermal energy landscape in central Italy

Posted by on August 26, 2013 in Homepage, Travel

In July, Sven took his family to visit several geothermal energy plants in Southern Tuscany. According to local media, these plants have caused quite some discussion but were constructed eventually. Following the nuclear power referedums in 1987, Italians invested in renewable energy technologies. Central Italy is now known for its vast PV fields and many geothermal energy plants. Below photographs have been taken near the city of Piancastagnaio (all photos by Sven Stremke).

Figure: View across Southern Tuscany with geothermal energy plant.

Figure: Another plant and power lines nearby.

Figure: Pipelines and power lines that dominate some of the geothermal energy landscape.

Figure: Excess heat is transported to this business park which becomes part of the local energy landscape.

Figure: My son Luca much more excited about sunflowers!