Book publication: Power of Landscape

Posted by on July 12, 2023 in Homepage, Publications

Twenty years into the energy transition, landscape is finally entering the main stage. Landscape is slowly maturing from object – frequently used to oppose renewables – to an active agent. In our new book The Power of Landscape we illustrate how landscapes affect the quality of life around the planet. How landscapes mirror our success and failures. And how landscapes provide clear answers to many questions associated with the grand challenges of the 21st century. It’s time for the Power of Landscape to unfold!  

The book consists of three parts (1) Learning from the Past: Historical analyses of how energy systems shaped our landscapes. (2) Questioning the Present: Extensive fieldwork and critical case studies of energy landscapes in Europe and the Americas. (3) Imagining Alternative Futures: Design research and essays from international experts on the planning and design of future energy landscapes. The hardcover book comprises 240 pages, in oversize A4 and full color.

Reference: Stremke, S., Oudes, D., and Picchi, P. (2022) The Power of Landscape: novel narratives to engage with the energy transition. Rotterdam: nai010 publishers

picture credit: nai010 publishers
Book presentation Power of Landscape at Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Picture credit: Jonathan Andrew