New project: Gelderland Approach to Solar Landscapes with Spatial Quality (GAZO).

Posted by on June 8, 2022 in Homepage, Project, Research

Six groundbreaking multifunctional solar landscapes developed in collaboration with the province of Gelderland & Wageningen University and Research

The Province of Gelderland and Wageningen University & Research are jointly launching the Gelderland Approach to Solar Landscapes with Spatial Quality project (Dutch acronym GAZO). Scientists from the University will help municipalities in Gelderland to create solar landscapes that combine different functions and improve spatial quality.

There are already examples of multifunctional solar landscapes in the province of Gelderland. One of the most appealing is Solar Park De Kwekerij in Hengelo. But more good examples are needed, and new initiatives that employ state-of-the-art knowledge. More attention must be paid to landscape and nature, the use of local knowledge and involvement of residents. WUR contributes to this much-needed knowledge.

Space is scarce. That is why the province wants to encourage multifunctional use of space, in line with policies from the Dutch national government. The province and WUR are working together in GAZO to support frontrunner projects from start to implementation. Our ambition is to create 6 innovative multifunctional solar landscapes in Gelderland, one in each of the 6 regions of the province.

Over the next five years, WUR will support this process with research and advise. Consortia can register their initiatives in autumn 2022. Our wish is to ultimately select 6 consortia. An ambitious municipality, a solar project in the early phase, participation, multifunctional use of space and attention to spatial quality are important selection criteria.

GAZO Gelderland photograph Figure: AgriPhotovoltaics in Gelderland, GAZO press release province of Gelderland