Curating exhibition for Dutch Landschapstriennale: Imaginary Energy Landscapes

Posted by on April 30, 2021 in Conference, Design, Event, Homepage, Presentations, Publications

Sven Stremke, Paolo Picchi & Dirk Oudes curated an exhibition on energy landscapes for the 2021 Dutch Landschapstriennale. The (online) poster exhibition and the 3min video pitches of the selected 9 projects from young researchers can be accessed here. Over the past years, these young designers conducted outstanding research in dedicated design studios and Master thesis projects both at Wageningen University and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. The projects feature truly innovative solutions for our future energy landscapes such as mobile PV panels that are employed to re-naturalize parts of peat polders to mitigate greenhouse-gas emissions from soil oxidation. The HDEL research group at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, on request of the Landschapstriennale, studied the work of the young designers and wrote an essay that was presented during the opening of the exhibition on the 16th of April. The essay entitled ‘poets of the energetic cultural landscape’ accompanies the online exhibition and can be accessed here (in Dutch only).
Figure: Recycling former natural-gas energy landscape in the Groningen region (NL) to create water storage, boost circular agriculture and generate renewable energy (Vincent Peters, Wageningen University).