Webinar: Designers in the world of science

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Designers in the world of science – a webinar on practice oriented research

This two-evening webinar organized by the research group High-Density Energy Landscapes (Amsterdam Academy of Architecture) will focus on practice oriented design research. This design research takes place at the interface of environmental design practice, applied science and university. Participants will learn about the possibilities for doctoral research (PhD) in environmental design, the practice of design research and the implications to the education of environmental designers. The webinar will comprise presentations, panel discussions and interactive Q&A.

Thursday 1st of October 2020  #1: Science at the Academy of Architecture?
On this evening, Merten Nefs (Vereniging Deltametropool, TU Delft) and Dirk Oudes (Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Wageningen University) will reflect upon their doctoral research and the interaction with practice. They will discuss the relevance of PhD research in the context of landscape architecture and urban design, how their research relates to practice and what it takes to do scientific research. The evening closes with a panel discussion with Eric Luiten (professor TU Delft), Bert Verveld (board of directors AHK), Madeleine Maaskant (director AvB) and Sven Stremke (professor AvB).

Thursday 15th of October 2020 #2: Design research – lessons learned from three solar landscape projects
This evening will focus on the operational activities of conducting practice oriented research. Three designers active in the energy transition will share state-of-the-art insights from research on solar energy landscapes. They will present relevant research steps, potential pitfalls and required research skills. Jolanda de Jong (Urban Synergy) will explain how guidelines for solar parks were developed in the Gelderse “ZonneWijzer”, a research for design project. Dirk Oudes (Amsterdam Academy of Architecture) will present the results of a research on design project on designed solar parks in Europe. Merel Enserink (Wageningen University) will share first impressions of the research through designing project EnergietuinenNL. The evening is closed with an interactive Q&A with Saline Verhoeven, Harma Horlings and others about the application of research in education and consequently, practice.


AvB - Invitation - image

Floating solar panels on a wicker of willow branches: the different modules show a variety of hydrosere and succession stages (image source: David de Boer and Sven Stremke).