Merel Enserink joined NRGlab as PhD researcher

Posted by on September 5, 2019 in Homepage, Research, Team

Merel Enserink started working as a PhD researcher at the Landscape Architecture chair group of Wageningen University & Research and joined the NRGlab team. Before this, Merel worked for several years as landscape architect and project leader with Het Oversticht. Her latest job there being program manager for sustainability, with special attention on the impact of renewable energy on the Dutch landscape and its inhabitants. The focus of her PhD research will be in line with this experience: on the development of local, sustainable energy landscapes, also referred to as energy gardens.

In 2018, Merel Enserink and Dirk Sijmons discussed the transition to renewable energy sources and the role of landscape architects for the annual issue of the #Over, which was published online and can be accessed here (in Dutch, pages 16-21).


Figure: Photograph from field work PV parks in the province of Gelderland (photo: Sven Stremke).