Invited presentation at Energy Research and Social Science conference

Posted by on June 7, 2019 in Conference, Homepage, Presentations

May 30, Dirk Oudes presented the results of his ongoing research on photovoltaic parks at the 2nd Energy Research and Social Science (ERSS) conference (28-31st of May), in Tempe/Phoenix (Arizona). The conference was hosted by the Arizona State University and attracted more than 200 researchers focusing on energy from a wide variety of disciplines. Dirks presentation was titled ‘Case study of frontrunner photovoltaic parks in Europe: an environmental design perspective’, and contained the first insights in the design of multiple purpose (e.g. biodiversity, recreation) photovoltaic parks. Following the conference, he was able to explore several American energy landscapes, containing nuclear, solar or gas-fired power plants as well as a hydro-electric power dam.


fieldwork Dirk
Figure: Solar energy landscape in Arizona (photograph by Dirk Oudes)