Participation 2017 RELY Training School on Iceland

Posted by on June 6, 2017 in Conference, Homepage, Presentations, Team

NRGlab member Paolo Picchi took part in the 2017 Training School hosted by the RELY Cost Action program. The second edition of this Training School took place from May 22 to 26 on Iceland, hosted by the University of Iceland and the Municipality of ‘Arnes. The main theme of the 2017 edition was ‘Questions of Power and Participation: Renewable Energy and Landscape in Policy and Planning’. Paolo Picchi, Finn Arler and other researchers form different countries analysed the level of landscape democracy with regards to Renewable Energy Planning on Iceland and other European countries.

Rely workshop participants
Figure: Team members (picture credits Finn Arle).

wind turbines on iceland
Figure: Wind turbines on Iceland (picture credits Massimo Pezzol)