Chapter on PV park design published in European Commission book

Posted by on October 16, 2016 in Homepage, Publications, Research

A new book published under the auspice of the European Commission (JRC Science Hub) addresses the challenges of large scale PV park implementation: Beauty and Power of Designed Photovoltaics, edited by Alessandra Scognamiglio (2016). The book features a chapter authored by Esther Bergstra and Sven Stremke from the NRGlab. This publication draws from the findings of the ZONB research project on large-scale PV parks in the Netherlands, conducted in 2014.

From chapter introduction: The future of a sustainable energy system lies in the use of space – space needed for the generation of renewable energy – our approach to landscapes is decisive. The key question for spatial developers and decision makers therefore is how to design, plan, and develop sustainable landscapes. Energy transition can be represented by a curve whereas the initial part is referred to as the ‘take-off’ phase. In this phase spatial coordination and qualitative considerations are of critical importance. This book chapter addresses a part of this endeavour. It exams the sustainable integration of large-scale solar fields in the landscape – a quest for truly sustainable (PV) energy landscapes in the South of the Netherlands.

Full reference: Bergstra, Esther and Stremke, Sven (2016) Spatial Framework to Inform the Development of Photovoltaic Parks, in: A. Scognamiglio (ed.) Beauty and Power of Designed Photovoltaics (European Commission, JRC Science Hub), 61-74.



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