Presentation at 2016 IFLA conference in Torino, Italy

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NRGlab member Paolo Picchi will present at the 2016 IFLA Congress in Torino. The conference paper by Paolo Picchi, Dirk Oudes and Sven Stremke was selected for oral presentation in the “Connected Landscapes” session. The paper focuses on the potential role of landscape architects in Locally based Renewable Energy Organizations with reference to the DEESD project of the NRGlab.

Title conference paper: Local renewable energy organizations and the landscape architect
Summary: The transition to renewable energy sources is unavoidable for sustainable development. The fluctuation of oil prices, the uncertainty with regard to the stock of fossil fuels and the environmental impacts motivate this transition. Literature shows that the success of this transition increases when local communities approach the transition through so-called Local Renewable Energy Organizations (LREO), seek for self-sufficiency and a sustainable renewable energy supply. The increase of success depends on the avoiding of bottlenecks and oppositions caused by a conflict between a global perspective (the right to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions) and the local perspective (the right to landscape). The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the role of the landscape architect with regard to LREO’s. We conducted research on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland Province of Zealand (The Netherlands) where the local community seeks for self-sufficiency in 2040.

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