U.S. ambassador meets Master students

Posted by on December 11, 2014 in Homepage, Presentations, Project, Research, Teaching

The U.S. ambassador – Timothy Broas – and other members of the American embassy in The Hague visited Wageningen UR on the 8th of December. They were introduced to major research topics and selected projects. Landscape Architecture students Tom van Heeswijk and Changsoon Choi had been invited to prepare a poster and present their minor MSc thesis to the visitors. Their thesis on the urban (energy) metabolism is closely related to the URBAN PULSE project commissioned by the newly established Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. The ambassador was in particular interested in the spatial relations between city districts that have the potential to become energy self-sufficient and other districts that will have to rely on import. To him, infrastructure will play a major role in the transformation of the urban energy landscape.


IMG_3796 EBRU Figure: Changsoon and Tom presenting their MSc thesis to the U.S. Ambassor (from left to right) (photograph: Ebru Isguzarer-Onder)