New project: Amsterdam Urban Pulse (UP)

Posted by on November 3, 2014 in Homepage, Project, Research

URBAN PULSE: Understanding the dynamics of resource flows in Amsterdam.

To reduce the environmental impact of cities and to safeguard access to energy, water, food and raw materials, a transition towards a circular urban metabolism is advocated by researchers and governments worldwide. The aim of the URBAN PULSE project is to inform this transition by understanding spatial and temporal dynamics of resource flows in the city of Amsterdam: the pulse of the city.

Energy, water, food and material flows were identified as the focus for investigation by the municipality of Amsterdam, industry partners, Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University and MIT. This AMS kick-off project will make key data accessible, map resource flows and begin to develop descriptive models of the urban metabolism. For follow-up projects it is the aim to develop technology and management roadmaps for a transition towards circular urban metabolism based on modelled interventions, living lab pilots and monitoring data.

For URBAN PULSE, the NRGlab will collaborate with experts from 3 other groups at WUR, one chair group at TUD and the SENSEable city lab at MIT. Over the course of the coming year, Ilse Voskamp from the NRGlab will study energy and water flows while collaborating on the other two flows and the overall project with the UP partners.

Contact persons: Marc Spiller and Sven Stremke


URBAN PULSE Amsterdam 800_500 Photograph: Joop Reuvecamp Creative Commons