New project: Parkstad Limburg Energie Transitie (PALET)

Posted by on October 30, 2013 in Design, Homepage, Project, Research

The city region Parkstad Limburg has initiated a new project in order to transform from a region relying almost entirely on fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Aim of the PArkstad Limburg Energy Transition (PALET) project is to investigate the potentials for energy savings and provision of renewable energy in Parkstad Limburg, ultimately leading to a concrete, realistic and accepted ambition. The Parkstad Limburg region consists of eight municipalities in the south of the province Limburg (see figure).

NRG projects Netherlands PALET

Figure: spatial extent of the PALET project

Earlier this year, the NRGlab conducted an exploratory study to address sustainable energy transition at a conference of regional decision makers in September. As a result, we will now start with the mapping of renewable energy potentials and limitations to energy provisions in the Parkstad Limburg region. Our study is part of the larger PALET project. Hogeschool Zuyd will, simultaneously, study the potentials for energy savings, while H+N+S Landscape architects is in charge to integrate the results of both research teams in an ambition document.

Within the time frame of this study, the Internationale Bau Ausstellung (IBA) will be initiated for the first time in the Netherlands, in the Parkstad Limburg region. Until 2020, the IBA aims for innovative spatial projects to revitalize the entire region. Energy is one of the three key topics that will be addressed by the regional and local authorities, businesses, knowledge institutes and citizens.


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