Presentation research, design and process of sustainable energy landscapes

Posted by on September 10, 2013 in Geen categorie, Homepage, Presentations

On the 10th of September, Dirk gave a lecture to bachelor students Landscape architecture and planning. The students participate in the course Theory and Methodology of Spatial Planning. In this course, one of the goals is to teach the students to make a project proposal for an external commissioner.  Dirk used the Duurzame Transportcorridor Betuwe project  as a case to show the students how you can perform a spatial research in the field of sustainable energy landscapes. The title of the lecture was ‘Research, design and process of sustainable energy landscapes’. Next to the spatial research in this project, he also payed specific attention to the process of co-creation. Results of the DTB project are published on the website

Prins Bernhardsluis: water, spoor en snelweg (bron: RCE)